June 1, 2012

Summer Fun Ideas

This summer I really want to get involved with my kids.  I looked on Pinterest and found this website with a ton ideas to do with toddlers and kids.  I'm really excited to try these activities.  I'm going to post as we go and let you know how fun they were.  I also put some of my own ideas in the list too.  I decided to make it more fun for my son I would write them on colored popsicle sticks (dollar store) and let him pick one each day (red and yellow ones)!  Today was our first day, and he loved it.  Now, to keep me on track of deep cleaning out the messy spots in my house, those orange sticks are a chore that we also have to do that day.

Here is my list, most are free or cheap, but there are some that will cost a bit of money:

Finger Paint in a baggie taped to the counter
Finger Paint
Lawn Twister
Sponge Bombs
Paint Rocks outside
Make colored Ice cubes for Night bath
Make homemade play dough
Paint with Baking soda and vinegar
Make Flubber
Make Cookies
Salt Dough Rock Designs
Bake a treat for a friend
Make multi colored crayons
Movie-Wyatts choice
Movie-Moms choice
Go to feed ducks
Play with Shaving Cream
Oil and Water Science
Paint with water outside
Playdough with TP
Paint sheets with body
Colored Ice cubes for outdoor fun
Crayon melting on a warm plate
Sponge Painting
Magazine Drawings
Marble Painting
Play with buttons
Chalk and Water play
Play with water balloons
Paper bag puppets
Pool Noodle Painting
Paint Glue Gun designs
Playdough filled balloons
Floor Puzzles
Paint with pudding
Make some puffy paint
Build a fort inside
Build a fort outside
Make some cloud dough (flour and baby oil 8:1)
Have a popcorn fight
Toothpicks and Marshmallows
Sheet of Ice, Salt and FC
Shaving Cream Slip-n-slide
Let’s Swim
Ice, Glitter and Baby Oil
Glow Sticks in the Bath tub
Make a volcano
Make Pony Bead Necklace
Write letters to family and send them
Play legos
Play Lincoln logs
Go to seven peaks
Go to Nickelcade
Go to U-Swirl
Ride Horses
Go to Trafalga
Wyatt’s Choice
Make a silly picture
Make Paints
Spend $5 at the dollar store
Collect things from nature and make a collage
Go to the zoo
Go to pet store and see animals
Wyatt picks a toy at the store
Have a sleepover
Ice filled balloons

When we do an activity, I will create a link from here to that page, so keep checking back....

Oh and incase anyone is wondering, these are the chores that I came up with...(also I will be cleaning my house constantly....I just want to deep clean things)

Clean out the pantry
Clean out the fridge
Clean out the junk drawer
Wyatt’s Bathroom
Mommy’s Bathroom
Downstairs Bathroom
Wyatt’s Room
Wyatt’s Closet
Mommy’s Room
Mommy’s closet
Graycie’s Room
Graycie’s Closet
Craft Room
Laundry Room
Clean out the hall closet
Clean out bathroom chest
Clean baseboards, walls and doors
Clean the couches
Move the couches and clean underneath
Clean out front closet
Clean out white dresser
Kitchen cupboards
Clean light fixtures
Clean dog area
Clean up backyard
Clean up garage
Clean up frontyard
Drawers in Kitchen
Shelf in Playroom
Drawers in Mommy’s Bathroom
Drawers in Wyatt’s Bathroom
Wash Blankets
Clean and Wash Mom’s car
Clean and Wash Dad’s Truck

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