June 25, 2012

The Hogle Zoo

We marked off going to the zoo this past week.  My sister was in town from Oklahoma and the girls in my family love the zoo so since my dad was out of town, my husband was at work, we went!  We were super excited to see all the improvements they have done to our Utah Hogle Zoo.  They added a place called Rocky Shores, which has bears, polar bears, seals and sea lions.  It was super cool to see it finally done after two years.  My son wanted to see the Polar Bears really bad, unfortunately they were in the back room and not able to be seen.  He was sad for a minute but got over it really fast when he got to sit on the polar bear statue head.  My daughter has never been to the zoo, she loved it.  She pointed at the giraffes and the elephants and was clapping.  Overall it was a huge success.

(My sister is holding baby G on)

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