April 21, 2012

Pirate Parrrty!!

My son BEGGED me for a pirate party.  I was very skeptical of him having a friend party this year.  He just turned four and has never had just a party for his friends.  It was so fun and I'm really glad I ventured out of my paranoid mommy stage for a second.  I took a lot of time trying to find ideas on Pinterest.  You can see my whole folder for his party here.  I wanted to for sure have a plank for the kids to walk and I knew that I wanted to have the kids all dressed up.  I got each of the 11 kids a sword, an eyepatch and a hat from oriental trading.  I went to the fabric store and picked up a half yard of red and white striped fabric to make the pirate belts.

 My table was decorated with fun Pirate balloons and also a custom birthday sign I made.  I also had little treasure chests that I used for the treasure hunt in the backyard.  I just put a bunch of chocolate coins on the table with some almond kisses mixed in.  The banner and plates were bought from a craft store.
I saw the idea for this plank from pinterest and it was a must for me after that.  I didn't secure it with anything.  I just put a wide piece of wood between two buckets and had my son walk it just to make sure it was safe.  (He jumped on it and it was not coming off)  but just to be sure during the actual party I put a third bucket in the middle.
The party favors are just IBC Rootbeer bottles with a baggie full of nick nacks.  There is some fake money, Pirate tattoos, rings, candy necklaces, etc.

I used a bucket to put some ice and root beer in for the party.  I just set it next to the table and it was a hit, I love how simple it was to make this look fun and interesting.

For the entertainment I drew a map of my backyard and made it like a pirate map.  It had a pathway to take and four X's to mark four different spots along the way.  I hid the costume pieces at the X's.  Then the kids followed the map and collected their costumes which ended with them going down the slide on our playset.
I also used 2x4's to make a square on my lawn and threw a bunch of stuff on it for the kids to find.  There were Pirate coins, candy necklaces, jeweled rings, compasses, tattoos, spyglasses, etc.  They had  a BLAST finding everything.  (I was going to do chocolate coins and almond kisses during this part but it was so HOT and I did not want melted kisses everywhere)
Happy Birthday Wyatt!!  
I can't believe you are already 4!!!


  1. Great party! I love the walk the plank idea. It looks like fun was had by all. Your newest follower via the Round Tuit link party. Megan

  2. What a fun looking party!!
    Love the walk the plank idea!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Everything looks fantastic!

  4. What great ideas! I will have to Pin this. My boys love Scooby Doo Pirates and they would have a blast with a pirate themed party. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Great party! I will have to pass this on to my friend. I have girls so no pirates! New follower from blog hop! Love for you to follow back when you get a chance!


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