January 18, 2012

Our New Playroom...Smaller, but better.

My husband and I have been looking for a way to have a craft room and a playroom in our house. We live in a four bedroom house and I feel like we are already so packed. I try and keep things organized and clean but for some reason...there just isn't enough room. If it is not one messy thing it is another thing that is cluttered. When we first built our house we thought about turning under the stairs into a playroom and then quickly moved it out of our head. We didn't need it at the time, we only had one kid and weren't planning on any others for a while. Now that baby girl is here, it was time to use our space. I don't know why but my son has a serious anxiety attack everytime I leave the room. I cannot do anything upstairs or downstairs without my three year old at my feet making me trip.  Even if I tell him where I am going, he still will freak out and scream for me if I'm out of his sight.  A playroom downstairs was the perfect idea, no more toys that I have to walk up and down the stairs fifty times a day. 

Mr. Next2Nothing got to work right away, bless his heart.  He cut out a hole under our closet shelf and even put in the electrical himself.  He had to put in electrical outlets and a light because there weren't any.  It was just a plain closet with three shelves in it before.  We planned to put a built in toy box on one side and some seating on the other.

My son was so eager to have his new playroom.  This is him helping the Mr. measure and mark.  Just like daddy...so cute.
This is what our toy box looked like before drywall was put in.
Drywall is up, there is also a tiny ledge along the back.
We bought some flooring at the Home Depot (love this place).  It was only $80 to do the entire floor.  I love how it turned out and it is super easy to clean.

It is a really small space but two kids can play in there very easily (I watch another boy and they play all day in their together), it just has to be kept clean.  I also cut back on my toys.  I put a bunch in a bin to switch out when the boys get sick of the current toys.  That way they will be more excited to play with toys.  I love this idea and I stole it for a friend.  I haven't refinished the TV stand or decorated the walls yet but that is in the process so stay tuned.

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  1. I love that you have electrical in there! Our under the stairs space is the playroom too, but no outlet for a tv. Fun for you!


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