January 7, 2012

Making Homemade Baby Food

I got a baby food puree cookbook for Christmas and LOVE it. That is an understatement too. I never picture myself being a 'Betty' and cooking and preparing my own baby food. I didn't with my son and boy am I regreting that now. It is so fast, easy, cheap and fun!  Plus I tasted them all and they were good.  I would NEVER taste any bottled baby food, it just looks and smells gross.  It's a lot easier to try something when you cooked it and know what is in it.  So far I've made apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and pears.  My little girl loves sweet potatoes the most so far with pears a close second.

I'll tell you how I made the carrots.  I put two cups peeled and chopped carrots and one cup water into a pan and boiled them until they were soft.

Then you just let them cool and blend them all together.

I just put the puree into ice cube trays and put it in the freezer to freeze.

Then once it was frozen, I took it out and stuck just the bottom for a few seconds in warm water. (this makes the cubes super easy to fall out)

Empty it into a bowl and put it in bags with the day you made them and a toss date. (3 months after the day you made it)

When your baby is hungry simply defrost two cubes for one serving.  My baby loved them!
You can defrost by microwaving but just be careful not to burn your babies mouth.
Or you can make meal plans for your baby and take out what is needed for the next day and stick it in the fridge.

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  1. I got your blog from a friend and love it!! You are so creative! Thats funny I read this post today cuz I am going to start making baby food next week! It sounds so easy! How did you do your apples and bananas? I didnt' make baby food with my first baby either and I wish I did now. If you have any other tips feel free to pass them my way!! Thanks so much!!


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