January 6, 2012

Antiqued Signs (Tutorial)

A while ago I posted about some antiqued signs that I helped my friends make for Christmas gifts.  I am finally getting around to the tutorial for it.

So my friend had paid me in precut wood...isn't he the greatest. So I don't have that step. 
Paint the entire board the color you want the letters to be, in my case black and cut out what you want your sign to say in vinyl (or buy vinyl).  It doesn't matter what color of vinyl you use because you will be painting over it anyways.

Place the vinyl on top of your painted board:
 Paint your board, over the vinyl, the color you want on the outside (cream in my case)
Wait for it to dry and then peel off  the vinyl. 
 Don't worry if your vinyl wasn't completely down and got paint under it...it just makes a more interesting board in my opinion.
 Take a sander and completely sand the entire board, including the edges.  You can sand as long as you want or harder in certain areas, there are really no mistakes.
 Take your favorite finishing glaze.
 and paint over the top of your board.  Wipe off with a rag as much or as little as you want.
 And you are done!  I love my new sign. 


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