December 20, 2011

One of our favortie things

A favorite game in our house is called Hands and Feet.  We love playing it and it is so fun to play with anyone.  (We have a 91 year old grandma and a 3 year old boy that play with help)  However, holding 22 cards or more in your hand is extremely challenging.  A few years ago on valentines day my husband made cardholders so that we could play card games hands free, which is fantastic for kids and moms with new babies.  These are a coveted item in our household so this year for Christmas we made each family a set of their own so that there are no fights over who gets the six cardholders we currently had when playing games.

I made a set of six for each family and put scrapbook paper and names on the front and back of them.  Hopefully everyone loves these for Christmas this year!



  1. THANK YOU so much for the super cute card holders. You are amazing. We have already used them three times to play games with our friends. The card holders are very helpful. You and Nate are so awesome. Thanks for giving us the best Christmas present. :)

  2. Very cool!
    What a fun idea!
    I'll bet they go over well :o)
    Thanks fot linking!
    Stacey of Embracing Change


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