July 29, 2011

While the husbands away....

So my husband is going to Maryland for job training for six weeks.  While he is gone my son and I are going to make a felt car mat.  I took him to buy felt yesterday, which Joanns has on sale right now for $2.99 a yard, btw.  He is so excited to help me make this.  We drew out an outline today and he told me a bunch of places he wants to include on it, including some of his favorite places, both grandparents houses, the barn and McDonalds.  We are so excited to start this. I got the idea from Oopsey Daisy.

Also while the husband is away, I'm going to try and make 2 quiet books.  One for my son with boy themes and one for my daughter with girl themes.  These are the pages I've been thinking about....

1.  My name is...
~This page will have the letters to his name that he can snap on and off to learn to spell it.~

2.  Ice Cream page
~This will be a buildable ice-cream cone with an ice cream truck~

3.  Baseball Glove 
~He will be able to put his hand in this glove~

4.  Shoe
~Learning to tie his shoes~

5.  Pair of Pants
~Learn to buckle a belt~

6.  Barn
~will have animal finger puppets

7.  Garden
~Planting vegetables underground~

8-9.  Mailbox
~one side will have the mailbox that opens, the other will have a paper pad and crayons to write letters~

10-11.  Numbers
~This will have beads that they can count and then velcro the right number next to it.~

12-13.  Traffic Light and Road Map
~Matching colors on the traffice light and a fun road with a car to drive~

14.  Balloons
~Learning to button on the balloon tops~

15.  Tic Tac Toe
~play mat for tic tac toe~

16.  Family Tree
~Will have pictures of our family to put on the leaves~

*this is the boy one, Graycies will be a little different*

I will try and post pictures and a tutorial of each page that I make.

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  1. that sounds so fun! I think I would even have fun with that! i'd be very interested in the tutorial.


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