July 29, 2011

While the husbands away....

So my husband is going to Maryland for job training for six weeks.  While he is gone my son and I are going to make a felt car mat.  I took him to buy felt yesterday, which Joanns has on sale right now for $2.99 a yard, btw.  He is so excited to help me make this.  We drew out an outline today and he told me a bunch of places he wants to include on it, including some of his favorite places, both grandparents houses, the barn and McDonalds.  We are so excited to start this. I got the idea from Oopsey Daisy.

Also while the husband is away, I'm going to try and make 2 quiet books.  One for my son with boy themes and one for my daughter with girl themes.  These are the pages I've been thinking about....

1.  My name is...
~This page will have the letters to his name that he can snap on and off to learn to spell it.~

2.  Ice Cream page
~This will be a buildable ice-cream cone with an ice cream truck~

3.  Baseball Glove 
~He will be able to put his hand in this glove~

4.  Shoe
~Learning to tie his shoes~

5.  Pair of Pants
~Learn to buckle a belt~

6.  Barn
~will have animal finger puppets

7.  Garden
~Planting vegetables underground~

8-9.  Mailbox
~one side will have the mailbox that opens, the other will have a paper pad and crayons to write letters~

10-11.  Numbers
~This will have beads that they can count and then velcro the right number next to it.~

12-13.  Traffic Light and Road Map
~Matching colors on the traffice light and a fun road with a car to drive~

14.  Balloons
~Learning to button on the balloon tops~

15.  Tic Tac Toe
~play mat for tic tac toe~

16.  Family Tree
~Will have pictures of our family to put on the leaves~

*this is the boy one, Graycies will be a little different*

I will try and post pictures and a tutorial of each page that I make.

July 20, 2011

She's Here!

Let me introduce you to our newest addition....


Born July 16th @ 2:11 am
8 pounds 12 ounces
19 inches long

She is finally here and we are so excited.  She came early Saturday morning with a full head of beautiful dark hair, ten little fingers and ten tiny toes.  I cannot even get over how small and precious she is.  When my son met her for the first time, he looked like he had grown a foot and a half overnight.  I won't be posting for a while so I can have time to enjoy our little bundle of joy!

My sweet new family

The three most important people in my life.

I can't get over her crazy amount of thick dark hair with the natural blonde highlights.

July 14, 2011

Nursery Reveal!

I cannot even wait to show you the room that I've been absorbed in for months........

Ta-Da!~!~!~!  Isn't she a beauty?   Okay, now for the wrap around.

Let's start at the door....with, a beautiful picture frame.

This is the view from the door.
The changing table and bow/headband holder are to the right of the door. (So this is just across from the crib)
In the corner next to the changing table we have a very comfy chair and wall design.  I think I'm going to put pictures of baby in some frames when she is born but right now they remain empty.....
Her dresser, which contains all of her newborn and 0-3 month clothes right now, the rest is in the closet.  Those drawers are jammed full of onesies, shoes, socks, jammies....Yeah!!!
This was an old recipe box that I found at a local thrift store for 75 cents.  I painted it pink and plan to put q-tips and cotton balls in there for her first few months.
Some cute candles on the dresser corner.
Her amazing bedding!!!  I won a tutorial from HoneyBear Lane to learn how to make this adorable puff quilt...of course I rushed to my mom and told her about it and my mom and I picked out some incredible fabric.  My mom made this for me and I seriously think that when she is in a toddler bed that I will be making a bigger size one for her.  (which there is also directions to in HoneyBear Lanes Puff Quilt Tutorial)  She sells it on her website for $12.00.....um.....totally worth it.
Look at how amazing the puff quilt looks layed out.
These are so super cute, they will have to be moved when she can stand or else they will be ruined.

Okay, I know there is a big gap between my A and C but we are spelling her name Graycie, after my maiden name Gray, and each time I went to Hobby Lobby they were out of the Y and I really wanted to get this Nusery Reveal up before she comes...which btw is on Monday the 18th if not sooner.

An up-close of my ribbon holder
Now all I need is a sweet picture of a beautiful baby girl to fill this frame....come on baby!
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July 2, 2011

Last minute 4th craft!

To make this you will need:

3- square pieces of wood (we used a 4x4)
red, white and blue paint
brown paint to distress (if wanted)
sand paper (also if desired look)
2 wooden stars
Vinyl 4th of July sayings

Paint your blocks red, white and blue.  Sand the edges, then use the brown paint and paint over the entire block, wiping it off as  you go before it is dry.  For the top and bottom pieces just place the vinyl directly on the block.  The stars we nailed on the middle block.  However, I'm sure you noticed the crack down the center of my stars, I would suggest just gluing them on.  From far away the cracks are not noticeable but obviously up close they are.  Enjoy your new decoration!!!!  This seriously was like a last minute craft for us the other night and we whipped it out in probably a half hour.  Super easy and not time consuming.  I also really liked the look without the brown glaze over the top.

Craft Junkie Too Friend


My 4th of July Shelf

Yeah, craft day was a success and this is all the fun things we made!  The Land that i love and crate we got the idea from Poppies at Play.  The 4x4 blocks we just made up.  I'll do a post about what you will need to make them.  It felt so good to craft, we were up until 1:30 am just laughing and catching up...and crafting.  I really want to hang my star from a nob in the upper left corner of my crate but haven't got around to it yet.  I do also like it down at the bottom.  The other side of my crate is all white stripes so I can use it for another holiday too.

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