June 28, 2011


So, I know, I'm a major slacker.  

Let's just say this past month I have been through a lot of things.

I've gone on two week long vacations, seven months pregnant, with my three year old son and no husband.  One was to Michigan and one was a girls trip to St. George, Utah.  They were both incredibly fun but extremely exhausting to my mind and body, not to mention my patience.

I've been to the hospital twice for dehydration.  I don't know what I do so wrong, I feel like I drink water ALL day, and yet somehow, it just isn't ever enough.  Plus, this last trimester in my pregnancy has been worse then the first two combined.  I don't sleep, maybe three hours a night.  I can't get comfy, I feel like my house is a sauna --- even though it is 69 degrees in here, I have constant back pain that will not go away, bruised ribs from baby kicks, I can't stop throwing up and I'm just so done being pregnant.  I'll be thirty seven weeks on Saturday and I can't help but think I just want her now.

My husband will be leaving on a week long vacation to Alaska with my father and brothers to go fishing next week.  He will be gone July 7th-July 14th.  I'm due July 23rd and came two weeks early with my son.  I know, WHY would I agree to him leaving if it was going to stress me out so much?  WHY am I still determined he go?  AM I CRAZY?  My father planned this trip around the time we were trying to get pregnant.  My husband and I have been married for three and a half years and everytime my dad goes fishing in Alaska, he wished he was going.  So when my dad called to invite him, the week after we found out we were expecting, how could I say no?  He's waited almost four years and is finally going on the trip he has been waiting for.  My parents are paying for all the boys air fare and everything, so it is pretty much a free vacation for him besides food and paying for luggage at the airport.  (The trip to St. George was with my mom and all my sisters, even my sister-in-law and her kids flew in from Denver to go, we went to Tuachan and my parents paid for everything, it was an incredible trip)  However the selfish side of me says, HELLO? I'm having a baby....and I'll have the three year old again, for another week by myself....probably with a newborn?  I AM CRAZY!  I am thankful I do have a family that will be here for me if she hasn't come out by the 7th.  My sister already volunteered to be in the room with me and I'm sure my family wouldn't mind us moving in for that week that he is away, but it is still so hard.  

Did I mention that my husband has been working six day weeks...twelve hours a day?  Yes, the overtime is wonderful and I'm grateful he has a job that is offering overtime right now when so many are struggling for work, but it is very difficult on family time and mommies alone time....which is basically zilch lately.

So, needless to say, I'm hoping to have a baby by the seventh.  Preparing for that and feeling the way I have felt lately, there hasn't been much time left for crafting.  I hate that I want to craft so bad, I just have zero energy when it comes down to it.  Literally I'm usually in bed by 8:30....we all are. 

On a happy note though, I am planning on crafting tomorrow night with my friend.  I love the Poppies at Play blog.  I'm pretty much planning on doing her entire mantle tomorrow with my friend.  This is a picture of how amazing Poppies at Plays looks....


  1. Wow! Tons to do and to think about and not enough time or energy. I know exactly how you feel...I am only three weeks behind you but with more kids. You can do it! Be thankful for your family. :) Take advantage of people offering to help. Good luck with everything!!


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