April 21, 2011

Look what I'm getting......

Okay, so do any of you ALWAYS give your spouse hints about what you want for a special occasion and then wonder why they never get them?  Seriously, I swear I could point blank say, 'this is a great gift for my birthday, or anniversary, or anything' and I would not get it.  Today however is different.  I've been talking up the Silhouette Machine for so long to my husband, seriously I think he was sick of it.  

Today I told him that Someday Crafts and Silhouette were teaming up to give you the Silhouette plus the rhinestone kit for only $229.00!!! Are you kidding me?  The retail value of this deal is $349.00!  Anyways my sweet husband finally got my hint and is getting it for me for mother's day!!!!  He is just the best!!! Seriously though, if anyone has been interested in the Silhouette, they should really check out this deal!! (When you check out you enter SOMEDAY into the promo code to see the discount apply)

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