April 15, 2011

Fun Notebooks

Okay, these notebooks are seriously so easy to make.  My sister wanted to make a bunch of them to give away to friends for Christmas so I helped her and we whipped out like fifteen of them in the time it took my son to watch Despicable Me.  I made these around Christmas so I can't remember the exact measurements but hopefully you will get the general idea.  

Supplies needed:
Coordinating scrapbook papers
Composition notebooks
White Card stock

Take one of the coordinating papers (I'm pretty sure we used a 12x12 paper and cut it in half, 6x12 for front and 6x12 for back) and glue it to the notebook part that does not go over the binding, repeat this on the back side.  Cut the excess paper off the edges with scissors.
Use the other coordinating paper to glue over the binding and around to the back of the notebook. Cut off any excess paper.

Use ribbon on the front to add a special touch to where the papers meet. Note: On some of ours we didn't have ribbon to match and on some we didn't think it looked good, the ribbon is not a necessity.
Put White Card stock over the front of the notebook cover inside and before the first page.  Repeat this on the back and cut off excess paper with scissors.
Add any embellishments you want to make the notebook more girly or to match the occasion.  We used flowers, buttons, ribbons, and jewels.  Just whatever we thought looked good. 

On this notebook we thought it looked better without any ribbon or embellishments and it actually turned out to be both our favorites.

When I was younger we made these for Young Womens Girls Camp, we used stickers to put our names on them and stuff.  They would also make cute journals, personal progress notebooks, or to write church notes in.  I have used them for all of these thing growing up.  Just in case there are any YW leaders out there looking for a fun and easy/cheap activity that can encourage any of those things.

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  1. Made these one year up camping with the family and they are so simple, fun, and are great for journals! Just make sure to use really good glue because I wrote in mine so much that it fell apart from not using good glue/so much use!

  2. Cute, and they look so easy. I saw the same type of idea on Good thing Utah but they cut the books and made them look like purses. So fun.

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  4. These are just darling--you have the cutest ideas!


  5. Great job! I love them and your blog!
    I'm your newest follower

  6. Those are a great idea. Cute!

  7. This is really fun! Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. Very cute idea! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing this @ {nifty thrifty sunday} as well!
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}


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