April 28, 2011

Changing Table Re-do

Today I spent a lot of time outside and turned my sons cream changing table into my daughters new green changing table with a brown glaze....I love how it turned out.  

Paint color used:  Behrs Grass Cloth Green


End Table Makeover

Today since it was such nice weather my son and I spent the entire day outside.  I don't even mind that I got sunburnt because that means the weather was nice finally!!!  We turned this old end table into a beautiful pink one for baby girls room.

The before picture:

Sanding, Painting and Glazing later, she looks like this:


It's Here!!!

My Silhouette SD arrived in the mail yesterday.  I had so much fun doing my first project with it.  I thought it was only fitting that since I got the free rhinestone package with it that I make a rhinestone shirt for baby girl.  I chose a cute little elephant rhinestone design for a pink onesie I already had.

I think it turned out so cute!  It was so simple and fun, my mind is racing with what else I can make with my Silhouette SD.

April 21, 2011

Look what I'm getting......

Okay, so do any of you ALWAYS give your spouse hints about what you want for a special occasion and then wonder why they never get them?  Seriously, I swear I could point blank say, 'this is a great gift for my birthday, or anniversary, or anything' and I would not get it.  Today however is different.  I've been talking up the Silhouette Machine for so long to my husband, seriously I think he was sick of it.  

Today I told him that Someday Crafts and Silhouette were teaming up to give you the Silhouette plus the rhinestone kit for only $229.00!!! Are you kidding me?  The retail value of this deal is $349.00!  Anyways my sweet husband finally got my hint and is getting it for me for mother's day!!!!  He is just the best!!! Seriously though, if anyone has been interested in the Silhouette, they should really check out this deal!! (When you check out you enter SOMEDAY into the promo code to see the discount apply)

April 15, 2011

Crayon Roll

I've been wanting to make one of these Crayon Rolls for the longest time for my son.  It was SO easy....like really easy.  In fact I volunteered to make some for my YW and YM auction that they are doing to try and raise money so hopefully they will sell.  Any mom would buy one I would hope.  Anyways, I didn't make a tutorial but I found some that I liked.  I had to adjust measurements and other things to make it fit my sons twistable crayons.  These are the tutorials that I found:

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Fun Notebooks

Okay, these notebooks are seriously so easy to make.  My sister wanted to make a bunch of them to give away to friends for Christmas so I helped her and we whipped out like fifteen of them in the time it took my son to watch Despicable Me.  I made these around Christmas so I can't remember the exact measurements but hopefully you will get the general idea.  

Supplies needed:
Coordinating scrapbook papers
Composition notebooks
White Card stock

Take one of the coordinating papers (I'm pretty sure we used a 12x12 paper and cut it in half, 6x12 for front and 6x12 for back) and glue it to the notebook part that does not go over the binding, repeat this on the back side.  Cut the excess paper off the edges with scissors.
Use the other coordinating paper to glue over the binding and around to the back of the notebook. Cut off any excess paper.

Use ribbon on the front to add a special touch to where the papers meet. Note: On some of ours we didn't have ribbon to match and on some we didn't think it looked good, the ribbon is not a necessity.
Put White Card stock over the front of the notebook cover inside and before the first page.  Repeat this on the back and cut off excess paper with scissors.
Add any embellishments you want to make the notebook more girly or to match the occasion.  We used flowers, buttons, ribbons, and jewels.  Just whatever we thought looked good. 

On this notebook we thought it looked better without any ribbon or embellishments and it actually turned out to be both our favorites.

When I was younger we made these for Young Womens Girls Camp, we used stickers to put our names on them and stuff.  They would also make cute journals, personal progress notebooks, or to write church notes in.  I have used them for all of these thing growing up.  Just in case there are any YW leaders out there looking for a fun and easy/cheap activity that can encourage any of those things.

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April 12, 2011

The Nursery is.....Painted!!!

I have been such a slacker lately and I'm so sorry.  Life at our house has been crazy.  My son turned three this weekend and my sister was in town so she and my other sisters came over to help me paint the nursery, which took a total of about seven hours!

My husband, his friend and I did the white ceiling and wall the night before my sisters came over.

My son loved to help his paint his sisters room, he would paint next to me while I was taping the accent wall.
He looks like he is thinking trouble.
My sisters came over on Sat morning and helped me paint the 3 pinks walls and the accent wall...they were truly a blessing.

Marci and Cassie, Thanks guys!
Tiff said she was more of a spectator...lol.
Very long process of leveling, lines, taping, painting, 2nd coat, remove tape, touch ups, but.....it was so worth it.
The design of the wall.
After the paint coats.
Can I get a drumroll please?......................


Now for the decorations!!!! The best part!

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