March 10, 2011

Bathroom Subway Art

I made this for my sons bathroom a while ago. I love it!  It was really fun to make.  I did it on a scrap piece of wood and used my cricut to cut out different colors of vinyl.  It is such a fun thing to have in his bathroom.

I used other scrap pieces of wood and cut them to 9x9.  Then I modged podged scrapbook paper on them with different emotions.  These emotions, grumpy, excited, happy and sad, are all the different feeling my son has about bath time! 


  1. I LOVE subway art! Great job & love the colors. Visiting from tatertots and jello.

  2. This is so fun! I love the bright colors.

  3. These are very clever and really catch your eye. It would be great to have some of these with motivating messages. i.e. brush your teeth. wash your hands. or something to remind about keeping things neat. Cleanliness is next to eating chocolate... Thanks for these great craft ideas.


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