February 10, 2011

Red Accent Wall

I've been debating for a long time what to do in my downstairs, all the walls are tan.  But my kitchen connects right into my living room and then into the front entrance.  There is not a dividing line that I could just single out one room and change its color.  My parents gave me this beautiful picture of Christ for Christmas and I knew something had to be done about the bland walls.  This picture is too beautiful for plain walls.  I decided that the wall in the entryway is the only one that could be painted without changing the color of the entire downstairs and this was where I wanted to hang my picture anyways.  So I taped it off and painted it a deep red.  I must say it looks FABULOUS.  I love the way my picture just pops now, and I love how the dresser just sticks out now too.  I'm so so happy with the way it turned out.

1 comment:

  1. Yes I would say so! It does look rather nice! Love the dresser! Did you upcycle it or did you buy it new!?


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