November 16, 2010

Painting a Manger....

So, I super love the blog of Poppies at Play and I especially love this nativity subway vinyl that Andy did, I new immediately I must do it.  Although I love vinyl, I wanted to try something new that I read about not to long ago.  Chalking letters on and then painting them.  I got all the sizes and fonts that I liked off my computer and printed them out on regular printer paper.  Here is a little tutorial I put together on how to chalk and paint.

First off, paint a board that you want a cute saying on.  I chose to paint a 12"x24" red so that I could make it more for Christmas.  Then, on the back of your word, color all over with chalk.

Next, trace your words onto the board, around the font that you chose.

It should look like this when you take it off. (Yes, I know the word is different, but I forgot to take pictures of this part with the shepherds.)
Paint the word with a very fine tip brush.  I got mine at wal-mart a while ago and it came with like thirty different sizes of brushes for 5 bucks, totally worth it since I pretty much use it at least twice a week.
Repeat all over your board.....
When Dry, wipe off the excess chalk that is around the words.

Add a few final touches and sit back and enjoy your new masterpiece.

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