November 12, 2010

Halloween Crafts

These mummies were so easy to make. They are made from terra cotta pots.

2- 5 inch terra cotta pots
2- 3 inch terra cotta pots
2- 2.5 inch terra cotta pots
1/2 yard white fabric

They are so super cute and so easy that I made some for my mommy too! They surprised her in her kitchen when she got home from soccer yesterday.

I've also been working on more Halloween decor.

I got the WITCH and BOOT wood from a place in American Fork called Crafters corner and painted them to just look fab. Except I think my witch needs some hair and maybe a broom....I will have to get to that. Thanks Tiff for the amazing shelf. I love it.
Okay these pumpkins I made from scrap wood from the Home Depot. I simply cut them with Nates saw. Which he jokingly said yesterday that my parents should have got for me for Christmas last year instead of him because I've been using it so much. LOL! A little orange paint, a lot of sanding, some yarn and rafia and done!

Love this....I saw it on the Idea room a long time ago and have seriously been saving jars for probably six months. Not kidding. I packed the empty bottles when we moved. I printed out the labels and bought candy and done.
The Bats also came from Crafters Corner
Love my new centerpiece for my table? I do! Made these the same as the little ones.

Also from Crafters Corner. Please ignore the dust and Chess set.

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