December 9, 2010

Cute Neighbor Gifts

First off have your amazing dad give you all his extra wood.  Then have your amazing dad cut it all to size and put a groove in it.  Yes, I do have an amazing dad.

 Paint it red

Sand the edges

Put vinyl on it

Add embelleshments

Give one to all your sweet neighbors and repeat.

I'm linking to Poppies at Play Teacher/Neighbor Gift Challenge

December 6, 2010

Menu Board

This is my new menu board.  Well, it's not exactly new.  I've had it for a while actually.  I made it probably back in Sept or Oct.  Anyways, I do love it.  It helps me so much to remember to take meat out to thaw, or so I have a plan and don't resort to fast food.  It seems to me that even if I write down the simplest of things, like a menu or chores around the house, I'm more likely to do them.  I got the metal board from Roberts.  It was around nine dollars with a 40% off coupon.  Then I taped off the inside rectangle and spray painted some chalkboard paint onto it.  I used some clear beads and hot glued scrapbook paper and letters on them and then glued some magnets onto the back.  I love it!  And my husband loves that he always knows what is for dinner.  My favorite day would have to be daddy's night. lol.  Now go make one for yourself. 

December Craft Day!

I just got through with my second craft day.  We made these adorable 2x4 christmas trees and we made Christmas countdowns.  We had a great amount of people show up and a lot of wood needed to be cut.  But when everything comes together and the girls craft day starts, all the time is worth it. 

 Megan helping glue trees and berries
 Viry and Edith sanding their trees
 Bri painting some trees
 Jolene painting her trees too
 My mom and Aunt Noelle working on a countdown
 Some of the cute countdown papers
Some more unfinished countdowns

December 1, 2010

File Folder Games

These are so fun for kids and such a good learning experience.  My son loves to play with these and I made him his own set for Christmas but these particular folders are going to my niece in Denver.  I hope that she loves them as much as Wyatt does.  I tried to include diverse educational ones, including colors, numbers, letters, matching, and sounds.  I'm super excited to send them to Denver and I just wish I could be there to see her face.

November 24, 2010

Fall Votive Glasses

Sorry about the lighting these pictures are kindof bad.  I got the glass jars from the dollar store, along with the candles and beans.  I spent nine dollars to make this but I am planning on using the glasses for different holidays.  Fill the glasses with beans, put a candle on top, put some vinyl on the glass and voila---you are done!

November 21, 2010

I can't believe it!

I cannot believe that since November 12th when I started my blog that:
I have been featured at two of my favorite sites.  oopsey-daisy and sawdust and paper scraps.
That I have nine followers, most of whom I don't know.
That people would actually like my crazy ideas.
Thanks everyone.

November 16, 2010

Jigsaw Turkey

Yeah! I finished my first project with my new jigsaw.  I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. how it turned out.  My friend and I have been working on these since october and just finished them....they were a long project, but definitely worth it.  Don't ya think?

This is what it looked like before sanding and I just freehanded the body onto a 2x12 that I got in the cull bin at home depot for $1.00, the feathers were also freehanded, along with the head out of MDF also from the cull bin for .51 cents. 

A coat of paint, Modge Podge and scrapbook paper and this is what she looks like....

This is her head, painted and decorated

 And put together, on my shelf in the most perfect spot ever.

And a side shot....

And then one more of her with my entire shelf in the picture. 
P.S.  I made those fall glass vase thingys the other so cheap and adorable, it is very hard to see them right now but I will post about them a later day.  For now let my turkey bask in her glory.

Painting a Manger....

So, I super love the blog of Poppies at Play and I especially love this nativity subway vinyl that Andy did, I new immediately I must do it.  Although I love vinyl, I wanted to try something new that I read about not to long ago.  Chalking letters on and then painting them.  I got all the sizes and fonts that I liked off my computer and printed them out on regular printer paper.  Here is a little tutorial I put together on how to chalk and paint.

First off, paint a board that you want a cute saying on.  I chose to paint a 12"x24" red so that I could make it more for Christmas.  Then, on the back of your word, color all over with chalk.

Next, trace your words onto the board, around the font that you chose.

It should look like this when you take it off. (Yes, I know the word is different, but I forgot to take pictures of this part with the shepherds.)
Paint the word with a very fine tip brush.  I got mine at wal-mart a while ago and it came with like thirty different sizes of brushes for 5 bucks, totally worth it since I pretty much use it at least twice a week.
Repeat all over your board.....
When Dry, wipe off the excess chalk that is around the words.

Add a few final touches and sit back and enjoy your new masterpiece.

November 15, 2010

Adorable Harvest Blocks

Okay so I went to my mom's the other day and she had just bought blocks that said HARVEST on them. I loved them but I told her she could have made them for cheaper, so I decided to make some. Supplies needed are:

Seven different size blocks. I used:

1: 5.5"x 4.5"

3: 3.5" x 3.5 "

3: 4.5" x 3.5 "

Different Fall color papers

Carpet Nails

Modge Podge

Brown Vinyl or Paint

Wood Stain, I used Special Maple from the Home Depot: $7.95 (The only thing I didn't have, I only used like 1/200th of it.)

Paint Brush

Stain the different size blocks and follow the directions for the stain process. Mine were follow the grain of the wood with the brush and let sit for 5-15 minutes then wipe with an old cloth. I only did one coat and I thought it looked gorgeous.

Pick your different colors of fall paper. I was wishing by the end that my purple was a yellow but I still like it. Cut them 1/4" smaller on all sides then your block.

Modge podge them on top of the blocks and scrap the paper so that you don't end up with bubbled paper.

Get your carpet tacks

Nail one into each corner of your 7 seven blocks

Cut out the word HARVEST on your cricut machine on brown vinyl. You could also do this on brown paper and modge podge it on, or you could paint it on if you are that talented.

Put on your letters

Decorate your house with them!

Don't they just look great next to my pumpkins and turkeys? Love it.

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